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จดหมายจากผู้เข้าชมฟาร์มไส้เดือน บ้านคาการ์เด้น Nobuyuki Kijima, Ph.D.

Dear Mr. Virasak Hoonmekavate,

I appreciate your consideration for my visiting Bankhagarden on January. It was quite impressive journey to Ratchaburi province for me. I have already visit farm in Bangkok. But, I've never seen large scale vermicomposting factory. It was well organized procedure and well designed facility. When we returned to Bangkok from Bankhagarden Professor Prakitsin offered me to investigate E. coli population in manure together. As first step of cooperation I prepared detection procedure for E. coli from manure and sent it today.
We usually use wet (raw) animal waste for preparing manure in Japan. However, you use dried waste in your farm. I think these difference affect E. coli population and food safety. I will make effort to obtain research grant for visiting your farm again. Please contact me when you will come to Japan.

I went to Vientiane, Laos after visiting your farm and returned to Japan last week. Now we are in cold winter and highest temperature is around 5 degree C.

I also send you our good memory as attachment file.

Thank you again.



Nobuyuki Kijima, Ph.D.
Senior researcher

Institute of Vegetable and Tea Science
National Agriculture and Food Research Organization






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